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Our wedding packages*

*In all cases, for both Bride & Groom


*Valid 10 year British Passports (must have six months remaining to your date of return)

* Birth Certificates (Please obtain an ‘Certified Copy’ of your birth certificates, as these will not be returned to you after your marriage)
The Bride & Groom must have birth certificates (full versions) – These need to be translated and legalised.
* Certificate of No Impediment
the Bride & Groom must each obtain a Certificate of No Impediment from the local Registry Office. This must be issued no more than 3 months before your marriage date.
Please note that in the box
marked “District & Country where your marriage was solemnised” you must enter either

(a) Kardamena – Dimos Kos – Kardamena, Kos, Greece
(b) Andimachia – Dimos Kos – Andimachia, Kos, Greece
(c) Kefalos – Dimos Kos – Kefalos, Kos, Greece
(d) Kos Town – Dimos Kos, Kos, Greece

Your Certificates of No Impediment will need to be translated and legalised.
If either party:
Is Divorced: * Decree Absolute (this must carry Court Stamp)
The Decree Absolute needs to be translated and Legalised.
Has changed
their name: * Name Change Deed (Must be signed and
Stamped by solicitor) Name Change Deed needs to Be translated and legalised.
Is Adopted: * Adoption Certificate
If the Bride or Groom is adopted, an Adoption Certificate Must be taken to Kos. This will need to be translated and Legalised.
Is a Widow or Widower:
Death Certificate/Previous Marriage Certificate of previous spouse. These will need to be translated and legalised.

All U.K Documents (except passports) must be legalised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and then translated into Greek by an official translator and legalised for use in Greece.


Your Greek Island Wedding offer a translation service. Once your documents have been legalised with the Hague Apostile Stamp (needed to deem them valid for use in a foreign country) we can translate your documents for 35 GBP per document. As the translations will be handled here in Greece, this eliminates the cost of having the translation verified by the Greek Consulate. There is a one-off administration charge of 35 GBP for non Your Greek Island Wedding couples.
All translations can be sent  via registered post or courier.  Your documentation will be lodged with the Registrar here in Kos before your arrival on the Island. 




Your documents need to be legalised with Hague Apostile Stamps legalising them for use in Greece. 
The Legalisation Department of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office can be contacted by:

Telephone: 037 0000 2244  Monday to Friday from Noon til 4 p.m.

Legalisation Department
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
P O Box 6255
Milton Keynes
MK10 1XX


The Legalisaton Office now offer a new ONLINE SERVICE.  For this you will need:

*the documents you want to legalise

*a credit or debit card for payment

*the address your documents should be sent to

*access to a printer

Please note that there is a fee of 30 GBP per document  for the legalisation service which is payable online.  The Legalisation Service will take approximately two days. 

**  Please note that divorce paperwork needs to be stamped with a 'wet stamp' to be accepted for legalisation from the Legalisation Office.  From 2018 it tends to be the case that this documentation is now issued in 'pdf' form, in which case, the documents will need verifying from a Solicitor and stampig with a 'wet stamp' before they will be accepted.


If you wish your documents to be couriered directly to Kos from the Legalisation Office there is an added fee of 14.50 GBP.


All Legalised Originals and Translated copies must be taken/sent  to Kos.


The Greek Marriage Certificate that you will be presented with will need translating to English upon return to the UK. Your Greek Island Wedding can also offer you this translation service at a cost of 45 Euros.

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